The future of funding and reimbursement

The pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate, but investment into AI – at national and EU level – could be a rate-limiting step if it doesn’t keep up with technological innovation.

Much like a pharmacy, where, traditionally, transactions are made in exchange for healthcare products, this room will be dedicated to assessing the financial landscape surrounding AI.

While the route to reimbursement for medicines is complex and difficult to navigate, it is clearly defined. For digital technologies, the pathway and criteria for assessment is more ambiguous.

“It is always expensive to change and innovate practice. Innovation [for AI] requires investment, and then over time, costs will go down.” Mark van Buchem, Leiden University Medical Centre

In the Pharmacy, learn why investment is crucial to the development and adoption of AI, how innovation in AI can be funded, as well as the challenge of reimbursing AI tools within current reimbursement models.

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