Operating Theatre

The future of liability and risk management

As in a traditional operating theatre – where risk and opportunity are expertly managed by the surgical team – risk management will play an important role in the safe and effective implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare in Europe.

The enormous potential of AI in supporting decision-making is balanced with concerns around liability. Establishing where accountability sits is important in order to build trust among healthcare professionals (HCPs), and questions around data security and clinical indemnity need to be answered unequivocally. The risk otherwise is that AI advancement – and the opportunities and benefits it offers – will be held back.

“A framework to work within that would protect HCPs and organisations from reputational, legal and financial risk when using AI… that would make people feel a lot more comfortable.” Mark Kelly, Director & Chief Customer Officer, Alldus International Consulting

In the Operating Theatre, find perspectives on the challenge of determining who assumes responsibility when using AI to support clinical decision-making, the role of trust and transparency in the perceived risk of AI in healthcare, and how some risks might be mitigated.

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